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I am so happy and relieved to read what others have posted here. I am head over heels for an amazing man with ADHD and I am having a really hard time trying to navigate just setting up times to see him. I do feel like I am nagging but he happily replies and it doesn’t seem to bother him but it is way out of my comfort zone to do the asking out. He doesn’t plan well. Today I asked him when he was free but I know he got consumed with work so here it is dinner time and no reply yet. Tomorrow is another day. I just miss being with him so much but am learning to understand that the lack of taking charge and planning and the other things he does are not a reflection of how he feels about me which is still hard to understand. I feel like, if he cared about me near as much as I do about him, he wouldn’t forget to get back with me with a time. I feel lonely a lot but being with him makes up for all of it.
I want to be his girlfriend and not his mother or just a friend. What is the best way to get him to respond without being too pushy? How can I not be forgotten amid the things that consume his mind? I would just love if he would text me out of the blue and ask me to dinner and actually followup. Our times together are great and he says how much he enjoys them and he does so many thoughtful and sweet things. He’s a great guy and I just need to understand him better. Please post any advice. He is so special and fragile and amazing and I want to be there for him.