Reply To: Inattentive ADD and 'checking out'


I’ve definitely heard of this as an ADHD phenomenon. I find it extremely hard to focus on boring tasks. Today I just gave up on my plans to sort some piles of stuff out in my room, although I managed to get back to it a little later on. I think it’s just a question of setting time limits – if you have a watch or phone you can set for 15 minutes it’s good. Then just do the best you can to stick at it for that time, see it as a challenge maybe.

I was thinking today that exercise and tidying are two things which feel painful at the time but good afterwards 🙂 Well for me exercise is fun as well as painful, but there’s often a bit in a workout where I think ‘Why am I doing this to myself?’

If you can have some fun activities to break up the horrible ones I think that’s good. Treat yourself somehow.