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After a long long look inside myself, I believe the problem lies in the lack of attention we received as children growing up. Primarily emotional attention that is sustained. I can also see that in both of my parents, there was a similar lack of attention in the families they grew up in. That lack of attention seems to create a persistent feeling of emotional distress in the background, that we’re not always aware of. For myself, it’s a nagging and distracting feeling of loss of connection with other people. Like I’m waiting for someone to come along and take an interest in me, to give me the sustained attention that I did not receive enough of as a child. There is a webinar on this site featuring a Dr. James Ochoa, who speaks about what he calls “Emotional Distress Syndrome”

Emotional Distress Syndrome (EDS) is the cumulative effect of the neurological processing differences and behavioral changes associated with ADHD. It’s a chronic state of stress related to the struggle to live with ADHD, a stress that breaks down emotional tolerance, stamina, and a sense of wellbeing and spiritual health. The chronic, lifelong nature of ADHD-related stress can increase to become a syndrome akin to post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).