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Hi everyone! Add me to your list. I was formally diagnosed at the age of 56! now 64. Didn’t have symptoms as a child though – very productive and straight “A” in school. Have been on anti-depressants for most of adult life, was seeing a new therapist and BEGGED her to test me for ADD. Trying to cope with both is very overwhelming. Meds and therapy can help only so much – I know the rest needs to come from within – – but MAN! I don’t think I have it. Being unemployed since 2017 – I guess “semi-retired” has really done a number on me. Many of my issues I don’t know if it stems from depression or ADD – – I just need a resolution. Procrastination queen should be my name. I can sit all day and THINK of what NEEDS to be done; what I WANT to do – – think about it, but I can’t move – – like I’m paralyzed. ANY task seems overwhelming or “I don’t want to…”.

I get it that your husband doesn’t take you seriously – – I don’t think mine does either. I will talk to him sometimes about my struggles – – he sees it everyday – – but I won’t put a name to it as ADD or depression – – I’ll just describe it.

There should be support groups and more therapists for adults struggling with this! I have been seeing a therapist again for about the last year but she isn’t a specialist in adult ADD and I think misses some stuff.

I could go on and on…

Thanks for listening