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Hi Carmen Nave.
I realize it has been awhile since your last post. Hopefully your notifications are still on.
I was wondering what kind of progress you have made in researching and addressing ADHD with interior design?
I am an interior designer (mostly kitchens and bathroom). I have not been officially diagnosed with ADHD yet, but my therapist and I strongly believe I am severely ADHD. This means there have been wonderful things that have come along with it as well as challenges. I think I have been drawn to interior design because of how much I know my interior environments greatly affect me. In light of my new personal ADHD revelations, I find myself thinking about the practical ways that I can help those with ADHD through design…but it is also becoming an overwhelming abyss of ADHD ideas. I would love to know more about your thoughts on “needs” as well as possible helpful resources? Thanks in advance!