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I was talking to my husband on the phone and he asked me what I was up to. I told him I was reading about ADHD in adults. His first words were that it was a scam because everyone was diagnosed with it as kids. He thinks it’s some kind of conspiracy to get everyone on ritalin. I asked him what is ritalin? He said I don’t know. I said yeah that’s a ridiculous idea. I told him how I was formally diagnosed with it as a kid, and that I was put on medication for it. I didn’t like the medication so I stopped taking it, and just kind of lived my life.

I am struggling with some ridiculous tasks these days and when I mentioned one of the most basic and benign tasks that one of the sites I was reading picked out … he said “Yeah I don’t like doing that either and I don’t have ADHD.” Like, bro, really? I don’t need a damn label to tell me if I do or don’t like doing something. I don’t like doing a lot of things that I have to do, but some things are flat out harder than they ever should be and it was nice to see that I’m not going insane!

I feel like most people believe ADHD is just a kid being a kid, and that doctors medicated kids so they’d sit down and color in the classroom. Like it has lost any kind of validity in people’s minds as a legitimate thing. I probably won’t talk to my husband a whole lot about it. I homeschool our kids though, and it’s really rearing back it’s ugly head in this arena and I’m 99.9% sure my eldest has ADHD too and it’s just not working out. I’m going to make adjustments to what we do based on the knowledge that we both have it and see how things improve. If they have improved, well, the results speak for themselves.