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Hi Ladies,

I have had the Mirena IUD for a year now and all seemed dandy, I was stable for once! I have always been incredibly sensitive to my hormone shifts and was three different people throughout the month! I was non-functioning, impulsive/depressive/agitated/not sleeping/self-sabotaging for at least a week before my period and then crippled with pain the week thereafter. I could only really achieve in the first 2 weeks, thanks to estrogen. I’ve been on a foundation year at Uni and I don’t know if it’s down to circumstance (a variety of things) or it’s the coil. But I’ve had reoccurring depression the whole year and now that it’s gorgeous outside and I can’t even make myself go out! I’m in a depression that seems impossible to budge, along with new (never had all my life), persistent acid reflux. Supposedly progesterone is linked to this. I started sertraline & therapy. I’m fed up.

I would love to try having it out but my sensitivity to my cycle and the battle I’ve tried to have with doctors to tell them my bleeding isn’t normal has been inconclusive. (I’m in the UK).