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Yarlan Zey


I think when I read your original post I didn’t realise it was in the section for women and girls until I decided to reply. I tend to view the forum this way:

So that just shows the most recent posts from all sections.

I’ve read that it can be a little complicated when PTSD comes from something with both positive and negative aspects. You mention war. War can actually have both positive and negative aspects for soldiers. A soldier may have many positive memories of army life, his friends there and so on. Also a large part of identity may be based on the fact that he was/is a soldier.

No idea if this is any help, but I’ll quote a couple of things I wrote previously on this forum:

“I believe that a lot of the negative symptoms of ADHD basically come from trauma. It doesn’t have to be “extreme” trauma, it could be a pattern of micro-traumas, if you like. Maybe some people are born with a personality which doesn’t fit well with what society expects or values. Or maybe they’re just wired a little differently. But either way they’re more prone to traumas as a result.

Recently if I get a traumatic memory (often a micro-trauma), I try and see the memory from a bystander’s point of view, instead of re-living the memory in a first-person perspective. I imagine a friendly person beside me as we watch and comment on the memory. That might sound mad, but whatever.”