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Vyvanse 40 has worked great for me. I am thirsty constantly but have adjusted to that. Also, I get sluggish as it wears off but it isn’t terrible. I have a very hard time eating healthy, unappealing food while on it. I can destroy a plate of nachos with extra cheese, though.

My son was on Vyvanse for many years and it stopped working. He’s almost 17-years-old now and just started Mydayis. It’s a really new stimulant. It works fairly well, not brilliant, but the benefit is that the it wears off very gradually and doesn’t have the burn out that Vyvanse did. We’re slowly increasing the prescription as it isn’t controlling his ADHD really well with a lower dose. Mydayis is also longer acting so it’s still effective during homework. His sleep hasn’t been effected by either Vyvanse or Mydayis.