Reply To: Starting multi-step tasks as an adult


Hi! Here’s one more thing to try. Sometimes if I say to myself ‘I’m just going to set this up.’ or ‘I’m just going to start this today, not finish it.’ or ‘I’m just going to spend 10 minutes on this today.’ it takes the pressure off of me. Without that pressure, I find I can start and I often get more done than I thought I would. You have to mean what you say though. If you do what you set out to do and you feel done, then you are done. Even doing that little bit can give me a sense of accomplishment and make it easier to work on my project next time. Example: Maybe for this car project you could start by looking over the first repair you want to do and figure out what tools and parts you need? You wouldn’t want to start taking stuff apart and find out you are missing a socket or screw bit you need. Hope this helps!