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Welcome to our world..the unending search for why one has so much fatigue to deal with despite the challenges of ADHD. The type of fatigue we experience is more of a mental fatigue mixed with physical symptoms.
To resolve this matter and manage my ADHD I tried these methods..

Life with ADHD meds

-I tried ADHD medication for 20 years and after a few years it began to lead to more fatigue. The meds made me more prone to anxiety, forced me to feel energetic when I had no motivation to be energetic which taxed my system. Also the drops after 8 hours of being on meds..the 2 to 3 hours recovery was exhausting.

Life after ADHD meds

-I stopped taking meds after 20 years and regulated my body by using a combination of cycling, exercise, and challenging workout classes.By pushing my body passed exhaustion I was able to tap into my ADHD brains barriers. After every one week my body was able to push itself harder and I quickly developed.

-I take high quality vitamins. Without a B-complex and a high dose of omega 3 I will not get through my exercises nor my day easily. I also have a very good vegetarian diet and avoid everything processed.I also drink a wonderful protein shake designed for vegetarians. This protein drink has an amazing effect on my brain and has completely removed the physical symptoms of fatigue.

-coffee in the morning and only one cup so that my body does not get too addicted

-Regulated sleep with white noise in the background. If I sleep with only silence I will not sleep as well.I go to bed at 10 and sleep by 12. Always wake up in the morning early no matter what. The body needs to charge using the morning sun.

-Spend as much time outdoors away from a bed and a couch as possible. Being outside stimulates the mind and keeps you from becoming a bed sheet.Fresh air is vital.

-Find your boosters to overlap the fatigue..I use heavy metal music to keep me going during exercise. I found out that my partially functioning brain always needs to be zapped somehow to fully focus.The heavy metal drums and intense beats forces my brain cells to function better and to begin producing signals.

I hope this long memo helped.