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Hi! I am sorry you are going through this. Look, talk to yourself as much as possible giving yourself affirmations: I want to be productive today, I can be productive today, I give myself permission to be productive today. Make one decision in being productive and do it. I can be happy today, I want to be happy today, I give myself permission to be happy today. Smile. Put great music, dance and do chores. I want to pay a bill today, I can pay a bill today. I give myself permission to pay a bill today. Pick up a bill and pay it! Repeat outloud what you are doing till you do it! Remember it is just one thing!! You can do it!! Give yourself BIG STARS SOMEWHERE to remind you that you did it!!!
Do the same tomorrow and the next day.
Work on your feelings the following way:
Pick a feeling and say: Father in heaven, please find the origin of my feelings of ‘anger’. Locate them and analyze them and heal them according to your will. Going from the beginning of times all the way to the present, fixing all the associations to the origin of my anger and any consequences on my health, my emotions, my relationships, my ADN. Fix them all Father in Heaven. With total forgiveness to anybody, any thing and any circumstance that contributed to this feeling of anger. Breath deeply letting your anger go. Heavenly FAther feel me with love and joy. It’s done! Thank you Heavenly Father from whom all blessings come.
You can choose to ask to be filled with emotions that are the oppositve of what you are asking to get rid of.; troubled.peaceful, etc.
May God bless you!!