Reply To: Quo modo?


I don’t know either Girlfriend, but after reading all those meds you’ve taken, I’m not so positive. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if a doc who specializes in ADHD answer your question? Sometimes I want to fly out to one of the many experts we listen to and read and get a proper diagnosis and scripts. Beg or borrow the money, regardless of the cost, just to see someone like Ned Hollowell and come away with confidence that they take you serious and help. I’ve read more than once of another ADHDer becoming immune to their meds. Like you, Rittalin did not work for me. Adderall then got switched to Vyvanse. It worked like “WOWSA, I can think!” but now I find my short term memory getting worse and worse as soon as an hour after my Vyvanse dose. It is like I’m immune. My (sarcasm here) nurse practitioner who specialized in psychiatry wants me to get tested for dementia. “Yeah right Lady! You clearly don’t get ADHD,” I think. Unfortunately I’m 56, close to 57, and am mentally disabled! Yes, I am actually applying for disability. I was fired from my last job—-after 7 weeks—-DIRECTLY due to my ADHD (although they didn’t know it). I don’t want to be so negative but for the life of me, I am perplexed that we don’t hear of MORE people applying for disability! I can’t figure out how all these ADHDers survive because I am not! So, my Dear, I don’t think it is your age! I certainly don’t know or even can offer a suggestion, but I’m pretty sure that it is getting worse the older I get! Get this. Some cocky, maybe 30 year old doctor once said “I would NEVER put a 50 year old on a stimulant. That’s just asking for a heart attack!” No, I didn’t go back. I wish you well! ~DiamondR.