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hiyas my name is Lisa and im experiencing some similar issues, mi currently on Ritalin sr 20 mg once daily , and have been on this same dose for the past 4 years , and have talked to my doctor about using or changing this for me and she basically told me no and mae it out like im just looking for drugs when in reality i am seriously struggling with my add symptoms and the medication wears off after about 5 hours. i have been going to the same doctor for past 4 years and i started looking for a new one so i can get the help i need but im finding it to be very difficult to find someone who excepts my medicaid and who is excepting new client this time . i have co-occurring issues going on , add, anxiety, depression ,schizo effectiveness disorder, ect so i need to see another psychiatrist , shrink, like my current doctor. very frustrating , is anyone else experiencing these kind of issues??? i feel i am being treated unfair and unethical!!! she, my shrink, has said to me more than once that she thinks its time for me to find another doctor to see. which in my opinion is very unprofessional, especially considering that she works for a mental health hospital who is supposed to be qualified for someone like me. she even gave me a hard time when i approached her for help with my depression. she did up that medication but i had to really stick up for myself to get it done !!! UGH HELP!!!