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I agree with what Penny just posted. Stimulants still are the best first line of treatment for ADD/ADHD. When I was diagnosed I had a thorough evaluation done with a psychologist and psychiatrist and they concurred I have ADHD with NO co-morbid issues. I think it’s shame that some doctors just seem to insist that an ADDer must have a co-morbid issue when in fact that’s not always true! Before my diagnosis for ADHD I did however experience some frustration and dysthymia, but after I started on stimulants the dysthymia and feelings of frustration totally dissipated, and I didn’t need to be prescribed an SSRI or anything other than a stimulant.

I was first prescribed 5mg Ritalin IR three times a day, and over the years I was prescribed dextrostat and then Adderall XR. I took a few years off from treatment and became a workout fanatic and changed my diet too. But after I went back to school to finish my degree it became apparent to me and my wife that I needed to talk to me doctor about getting back on stimulant treatments. During the past year he has prescribed only Vyvance. For me, it clearly isn’t as smooth and effective as Adderall XR was and I have to also say I’ve had some real mixed results with it. Mostly not good! I’m going to ask my doctor if he can prescribe a different stimulant.

Hey, I understand the stigma surrounding amphetamine based stimulants and the unfortunate rampant misuse of stimulants has made some healthcare workers and others very cynical about stimulants. But for those of us adders who comply with the law and our doctors we shouldn’t have to suffer maltreatment or mistreatment because of other people’s ignorance and bad behavior. This “medication issue” is a very unfair problem that’s like an insult on top of injury! I feel for any ADDer who is experiencing problems getting the right stimulant medication for their treatment.

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