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Hi everyone,

I’m so grateful to have found this forum. I, too, had a change in providers in the last two years, resulting in screening for illicit drugs because I’m on generic Adderall.

I’m 59 years old. I’ve been taking 20 mg twice a day for almost seven years. My previous doc said I don’t need to take it if I don’t need it, like on weekends or when on vacation. I always take the morning dose. I occasionally don’t take the afternoon dose if I’ve gotten too busy and it’s late enough in the afternoon that I don’t want it to keep me from sleeping.

The new doc was fine with the status quo until last July when I was asked to give a urine sample. I’m a nurse and had no problem with doing so. I’m never given the results so look in MyChart, the patient portal for EPIC electronic records system. I was tested for three pages’ worth of substances. Funny thing, it showed that amphetamines were negative/non detected. The cutoff was 500 ng/mL. I just assumed I fell below the cutoff. However, I tested positive for ephedrine/pseudoephedrine. I hadn’t taken Sudafed or any kind of OTC ephedrine found in some diet aids – nothing. I just assumed that the generic Adderall showed up that way. Nobody in the doctor’s office said anything to me ever.

So with the pandemic situation, I had a virtual visit with this doc last week. He said he needed a drug test to check for illicit substances. I was totally on board with it. He sent in both urine and blood orders, telling me I could do either one. He then asked given the current situation with coronavirus, did I want to increase the dose. I declined because I’m managing fine with the current dose and utilizing strategies to help keep me on task.

I did the blood draw. It came back negative/undetectable. I was floored. Now more than ever in this lockdown situation we’re in, having to do never-ending Zoom meetings from home for work, I haven’t missed a dose.

The office sent me the results (only a handful of substances were tested for this time) and again amphetamines were negative/not detected. I just assumed I had again fallen below the cutoff. For this serum drug screen, the cutoff is 50 ng/mL. Annotated on the report was a message to discuss the results.

I sent a message saying all the results are negative and I have an appointment already scheduled for August. The reply was I still need to schedule an appointment for discussion.

After talking to the nurse (who is a former colleague of mine), she told me he wanted to see me because it was negative. I told her the last one was too. At any rate, I have a virtual appointment with him tomorrow. I’m terrified he’s going to refuse further refills because I’m assumed to be selling it. Why they didn’t run a confirmatory test specific to amphetamines is beyond me. I’ve not been able to find any documentation where Adderall shows up as ephedrine/pseudoephedrine as it appears to have done on the first drug test.

If anyone can speak to these weird results, I’d be most grateful. Thanks and so glad to know you’re here.