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Hi, my psychiatrist prescribed Wellbutrin first a a replacement for Zoloft (depression becauyof undiagnosed ADHD) and then gradually added Strattera (non stimulant medication for ADHD). The Wellbutrin helped a lot with the anxiety part of it and the strattera with concentration and social insecurities for me. Google the combination of these 2 medications And you will see a lot of info about the combined use. Not all psychiatrists are aware of it: I had a temporary replacement who thought it was nonsense during our first conversation and then came back to me after she read up.
I find that ‘life’ is much easier these days, but that might partly have to do for the work that I did with my excellent coach. The acceptance process of this different view on my ‘flaws’ and dissatisfaction with myself have made way for a lot of compassion as the dominant feeling now.
I hope you’ll find a bit of peace with my story?