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Sorry things aren’t going well. Covid and lockdown challenges are stretching the mental health system of a lot of people. Not that that fact makes it easier or better but know that you are not alone in finding the new world challenging and downright impossible. As a similarly placed waiting appointments with ADHD and the challenges that brings I completely understand how hard it is and knowing there’s potential help and being frustrated in your attempts to seek it (after what was probably a bit effort and challenge to decide to get help in the first place) is horrible.

I had my psychiatrist apt cancelled by all this and I was at breaking point knowing that I was failing at part of my job (not to mention my personal and home life). Made having to wait even harder.

Things I’ve found that have massively helped- getting Telehealth appointments with a psychologist. We’ve been working through small changes on things like sleep, exercise, having me-time that I don’t feel guilty about, accepting that “done” is better than “perfect.” It’s really helped and I recommend it massively. Not all the suggestions have helped and some I’ve had to downscale eg just aiming for 5-10 mins of exercise a day so that I get some easy wins. Setting timers has really helped my focus. 30mins of focus is easier and distractions better if I have a countdown happening. I even do this for the dishes or laundry.

I’ve really loved watching the How to ADHD YouTube videos as short, engaging and practical suggestions.

Highly recommend getting exercise. Vigorous if possible as helps a lot both from mental health perspective and from focus/ADHD symptoms.

Hope life gets better. Reach out to a phone support service in your area. And try to get a Telehealth service with a ADHD trained psychologist or coach happening. It’s not a 100% fix and it’s still really tough but it’s increased my productivity, increased my happiness and self Care time (have been actually reading and painting for the first time in years and years). Good luck and virtual hugs 🤗❤️