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I feel you so much sister..
I’ve Tried a lot of tricks and found some that sometimes works when I have those dreadful moments when my chest feels like is being squeezed in a hydraulic press, the cortisol is running in my vein with the unmistakable feeling of needles and cold and I just want to cry and scream but the sound just wouldn’t come out.

The one I’m using now is to name 5 things you see, 5 things you hear and move five parta of your body, is quite good as patch intervention because it’s a sort of forced mindfulness and I can get myself to do it even when I’m deeply distressed.

The other is breathing, find some complicated breathing technique who can distract you from the pain and force your mind out of the present situation.
Another way to achieve that is by occupying it with something immersive like reading or playing a game (I think this isn’t the healthiest thing to do because is a form of escape from reality, but it works when your problem doesn’t have a solution and you need an emotional emergency patch).

It just breaks my heart how difficult it is to have a positive, healthy and supporting long-term relationship, sometimes it feels like an endless chore.
I feel too that it would be better to find someone else (I know, it’s hard) to help with organizing your work so as not to put too much stress on the relationship.

You sound like a strong, capable person I hope my tricks helps a little!

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