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I Understand the distress about homework assignments, that has always been my albatross. I loved school and would have loved to stay in, like many of my friends, and teach – Except for the homework, the papers felt like torture. Let me a share a few things that have helped me.
1. Thank your husband for his help and concern. Let him know that you do not know right now why you are avoiding this assignment, but it is not a slight against him and you appreciate his effort.
2. Realize that just because the steps are easy, it doesn’t mean it is easy for you to do them. That for me is the crux pf AD(h)D. It would be easy to do the dishes, my laundry, …. Except for me it is very hard.
3. try to take a look at you assignment form further away. Is there something emotional that you are running into? Use the detailed steps and see if there is one or two of the steps that cause dread. Can you do the other steps, even if out of order, so you can get something done?
Needing the panic of deadlines to get something done is just one of those things We do. or mist of my schooling I would wait until night before to write a paper and then just panic push through it. I needed the energy, the structure of panic(?) to slog through the pain. In this you are far, far from alone.
As for the tornado of despair from tonight, congratulate yourself for doing something REALLY positive for yourself by reaching out here. Tomorrow will be better. Go out for a walk in the sun tomorrow by yourself and just do some moving and thinking and not thinking.
You are not alone! and you have already done something powerfully right by reaching out.