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Yep! I picked up my monthly prescription not even a week ago and noticed immediately that I wasn’t feeling my best. After days of felling “off” I decided to check my medicine bottle and see if the manufacturer of my daily Adderall had changed and causing this. I’ve had situations like this over the years and try to avoid the pharmacy that carries whatever generic is wrong for me. Everyone seems different but I have the bed results on Teva Adderall. They really tricked me this month by making these Elite Lab pills look like my regular teva pills. This is so irritating!! we all know the manufacturer makes a difference and they aren’t all the same- I don’t know why they keep changing which manufactured Adderall they stock all the time. I mean how many different manufacturers are there now? ON MY NERVES!! yes I’m being a little childish but I don’t feel great and my adhd symptoms aren’t being managed