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Hi- I have a 14 year old who needs prodding for most things. Yes, even things he likes. I was fortunate enough that he has stuck with hockey. However, to get him to do clinics he always had to have a friend to do it with him- this always helped- I always volunteered to be the driver to all of these things because I wanted to make it easier for the other parents so he could have his friend come with him. I think 1/2 of this is easily bored but the other 1/2 for my guy anyway is anxiety- If I could get someone on board to do it with him , he was more willing to do it/ try it. The prodding is exhausting but if you can find something that you know he would probably like if you can get him there – try seeing if there is a friend who might want to do it too. Sometimes I have exposed him to things that he ended up liking such as fishing, hitting balls at a driving range and renting a ball machine to play tennis( I always offered to bring his friend most of the time his friend came but sometimes he would do it with just me), but when asked if he wanted to take lessons .. it was always .. no I’m good. That being said fast forward a year or more and a couple of friends have taken up golf and now he wants to go out with them and is willing to take a lesson – he feels pretty good about it because of all the times I took him to the driving range. In a nutshell- if you are willing to do the leg work and there is a buddy you could ask – he might go and maybe later he’ll come back to it with greater interest and maybe a little confidence because he has some background – If I never prodded my guy he would just stay in his comfort zone sometimes within reason the battles were worth it because more often than not he admittedly liked the things we did and got some well rounded exposure ..