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Penny Williams

Many are experiencing these kinds of side effects from the generic Concerta, and little benefit. When my son was taking it, we had to have his doctor write the prescription with “brand medically necessary” so insurance would cover the brand Concerta, which actually worked. You can also ask a pharmacy to stock the Actavis brand of Concerta generic for you, which IS equivalent (chain pharmacies won’t carry it but a local or regional pharmacy would likely do this for you).

The FDA actually revoked the equivalency status of the first batch of generics several years ago because they didn’t work like the brand name. Now there’s many new generics and I’m hearing that they’re worse.

Generic Concerta Is Not Created Equal

You could try long-acting Ritalin or one of the other methylphenidates. They all have the same active ingredient (methylphenidate) but different compositions and time-release mechanisms.

Methylphenidate: ADHD Medication Overview

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