Reply To: Pink 30mg IR from EPIC PHARMA


Unfortunately this is where it’s heading with almost every generic medication. I used to take Barr generic adderall and they were great.
As pharmaceutical companies look to save money, they outsource these generic drugs to other countries primarily India where they are far from the reach of the FDA and have little to no quality control. I make sure to stay away from certain brands of Adderall primarily because they have little effect. Another problem is that the specific ratio of dextroamphetamine to amphetamine for the brand is not available to the generic companies. They only have to be within 20% +/- of the formula. So not only do they not have the exact ratio, they only have to be close to 24mg for a 30mg pill, 16mg on a 20mg pill, etc.
This is why we pay what we pay for generic meds!
Nothing will change. I’ve been on Adderall for 20 years.
I recently started taking citicoline and pregnenolone only. Not only have I felt better but I’ve stopped my Adderall!
I’ll hang on to it just in case but I’ve been doing just fine without.