Reply To: Any Physicians or Nurses here?


Hey there! I’m not a nurse or in that field at all but just wanted to say that I relate a lot. My job is more on the creative side, I’m extremely passionate about it but like you the admin/laptop work is difficult for me. I feel we are right to pursue things we enjoy and are passionate about and we should only change our careers if we cannot find ways to solve the problems we are struggling with. Hopefully treatment will help with you a great deal. It must be so horrible to hear people say you don’t care about your patients when I can clearly tell it’s the opposite for you. People can be so insensitive at times and super quick to judge. I guess that’s the problem with ADD/ADHD. We have extraordinary skills and competence in some areas but at times it can look like we miss the mark because we can be forgetful and that can make us look like we don’t care when we really do.

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