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Yarlan Zey

I wrote this a few weeks ago:

“Some say people with ADHD are interest-based, rather than importance-based. This means that you should focus on how to make things more interesting for you, rather than focusing on how important those things are.

I’ve learned a lot of things in the following way. First perhaps I’ll get hold of a book about a subject. I’ll start reading it. Soon enough I’ll probably get bored. Then maybe I’ll download a few podcasts of people talking about the subject. Then that gets boring. Perhaps I’ll find another book. Then that gets boring, or even annoying lol. Maybe I can find a documentary about the subject. After that, the first book I got hold of has become interesting to me again, and so on.”

But I still struggle with this problem somewhat. I think a big reason for my difficulties is that I have mood swings. I recently had a negative mood swing and it really put me off going back to things I was doing. Part of me probably blames what I was doing for the mood swing, even though in reality what I was doing had little or nothing to do with the mood swing.

I’m just not a very consistent person. On the other hand I have a wide range of interests. A “normal” person is probably much more consistent but also has much narrower interests, and relies on external “importance” rather than internal “interest”.

Anyway, hope that rambling helps in some way lol.