Reply To: Is this what it feels like


After being diagnosed, I read every book, article, and resource I could find. When I came across “The Queen of Distraction”, it was as if the author had read my journal. It helps realize it’s not necessarily me, but my ADD can contribute to my challenges. I encouraged you to read it.
Also, during this pandemic, I too feel restless and find myself going around in circles while working so hard and not getting things finished. I can relate to what your experiencing. In addition, I lack the motivation and energy to even do my creative out let’s, plus I feel guilty if I’m spending time doing what I enjoy when there are so many things that I should be doing.
You are not alone, I’m extremely overwhelmed though out my day and struggle to carry out everyday tasks. Then I realize it’s my ADD and cut my self some slack. It made take longer and more effort to make the sandwich, but when I finish I focus on how good the sandwich tastes and I succeed, rather than the effort it took to make it.
Hand in there and try to focus on one moment at a time instead of the overwhelming day at a time.