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I’ve been struggling with something very similar- I’m in my third and final year of study for my BFA (university in England and Wales is only 3 years) and I am going into a masters in September but I feel completely unprepared because of lockdown putting a damper onto my workflow and education. Motivation is a huge problem. These coping mechanisms HAVE helped me however so I hope they can benefit you as well (I’m sure you are doing these already):

1. If your country’s lockdown allows for it and you are physically able to- Going for a run in the morning (self-medicating myself with a daily rush of dopamine and endorphins) is an amazing remedy for morning cluckiness (this is what I call the feeling of being a headless chicken with a million things on your mind). If not, tons of websites are offering free online exercise classes for people with certain exercise routines, those with physical disabilities, and more. YouTube offers a ton as well! Doing exercise first thing in the morning is rlly good for my ADHD brain and before bed doing some stretching to avoid going on my phone before bed is really beneficial.

2. DAILY TASKS!!!!! This is something I did at uni to stay focused (1. Research Journal until 12:00; 2-6: paint, etc.). Giving yourself a checklist will give your adhd brain the dopamine rush it needs to get onto your next task. I need a checklist to get things done because I also have dyspraxia which makes me extremely forgetful so I always find it handy to set daily goals for my work.

3. IF YOU CAN: separate home from work. I’m lucky enough (not bragging bc I’m very grateful) that my mum is letting me use her living room as an art studio while I’m away from uni (my flat is right next to London’s biggest treatment centre and I have a shite immune system)! So what I did was- with the little space, I constructed a room divider so that I would be able to visually block out things (LAUNDRY, WALK THE DOG, CLEAN, etc.). Being able to form physical boundaries for an adhd brain is amazingng for productivity.

4. Microsoft planner and calendar! Super helpful!


6. Omega-3 supplements and magnesium if you can! In the UK, they sell a spray on magnesium oil to take the supplement topically.

I hope this helps! Know that so many students are in the same boat as you and I salute you because this is extremely tough for students with ADHD and other learning disabilities.

– An ADHD Capricorn with a penchant for workaholism and distraction