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It sounds like you are working so hard and trying to do your best in all areas of your life. I do have one suggestion if you are open to it. It is called Neurofeedback. I got diagnosed with ADHD/anxiety/depression back in 2012 (age 49). I took Ritalin which helped quite a bit, but then I stumbled into this treatment, and
will be forever grateful.

The beauty of Neurofeedback is that it is excellent for anxiety & depression plus it is easy and painless. Chronic anxiety is caused by one area in the brain stuck in overdrive and chronic depression means another part of your brain is under functioning. It literally brings your brain into balance and eliminates chronic symptoms.

You are so young and I really hope you consider checking this treatment out. Not everyone has great results like I do, but I haven’t been on Ritalin for 8 years so I do feel quite blessed.

If you are interested in learning more you can google “The Othmer Method” of Neurofeedback and eeginfo is their website

Good Luck!