Reply To: Adderall and Moodiness?


I hope this helps either you or others reading this post.

I have been prescribed a variety of different ADD medications since I was a child in the 2nd grade.
Upon high school I was prescribed adderal 25 mg XR.
I am now 31 and have been medicated the majority of my life. Because of this I have been able to focus, conquer any obstacle in front of me, and succeed. I have an undergrad from GSU in Kinesiology, was a stripper and paid off my college debt, joined the union and became a journeyman plumber with 6g pipe welding certifications in SMAW & MiG, and now currently a plumbing superintendent for a large company.

Adderal gives me patience, and enough focus to deal with the many things in life to juggle. The come up and come down however is quite different. I will get temperamental, and speak my mind in an emotionless manner.
Without the medication I feel as if I am barely able to manage the load from day to day. With the medication I am accomplishing so much and looking to climb the ladder.

What I tend to forget is that not everyone is as focused as me in those moments nor able to have their mind flow at the same pace.
This tends me make me feel like the vast majority of people around me are idiots or not capable of the same pace.

Yes, when off the medication you will be more tolerant (overall)
That is because one is able to realize the concept that we are all human and ones mind isn’t running along at light speed.

I will say after 20years of taking ADD medication there are so negative side effects especially emotional.
For almost a decade I delt with the anxiety and general lack of happiness by injecting THC.
Overall it worked out well for me until I needed to quit.
2 months into being clean of THc products and alcohol, my mind is even sharper. = less tolerance for others.

I have a wonderful woman, the house, the yard with a white fence, in a upscale neighborhood,best school district, high paying job, a super nice truck, and a dog + cat…. the American dream.

It means nothing… just on to the next ladder the climb and dominating the next field. This isn’t happiness.

In the end, most days I just want to be still… and be happy being still.
Even with heath insurance vyvance is 300.00$ a month and not really affordable. Would rather spend that on my kids.
Adderal is 10.00$

Again, hopefully this will shed a little light.