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I think it’s amazing that you’re finishing your degree – what an accomplishment! Maybe once you finish things in your life will appear less frantic, and you might be able to see your anxiety/depression through a different lens? What with the regular stress of class work, papers, exams, etc now being off your plate.

I’m disappointed with your therapist’s response here. This isn’t about her or her ego! My wife is a therapist; I’m confident neither she nor my therapist (5 yrs now) would essentially say ‘screw this’ and walk away like that. Maybe look for referrals for a different therapist – one who has experience with your combination of challenges? That may help.

I like Justin’s and Penny’s suggestions, too. That can go along with finding the right fit of therapist/coach. One other thing – have you talked to a doctor about whether you’re on the right meds? Early on in my diagnosis (18 yrs ago at age 35), I had to change meds b/c they weren’t working correctly. Just a thought. My only other input – BE KIND TO YOURSELF! You’ve really accomplished a lot at young age for someone with the challenges you face! Be proud and celebrate that! You have time to find the right strategies and the right professionals to get yourself where you want to be. Best of luck to you; sending all positive energy your way – let us know how things go…