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I’m sorry to hear you are going through this. I understand, in my own way. I’ve been through years of therapy with different diagnostic conclusions. Also, finding the right medication(s)can be beyond frustrating.

Please bear in mind that I’m not a clinician. I have been in this rodeo for years. First, you are soooo NOT alone and I get how it can feel like you are.

Look at what you’ve done right here! That’s bravery! It may be hard to incorporate, but I’m serious! I’ve never been able to reach out like you have.

I have piles of things around my house that I have not been able to get done in longer than I care to admit.

In this time where you find yourself stuck, focus on what you can do. I thoughtfully suggest that self care is an important first step. That includes:

# 1 Is your clinician set up for telemedicine?
You might be able to follow up with the practice doing your testing.

#2 If you do not have one, pull together a support team. Teams are made up by family members, friends and clinicians.

I’m stopping here because the temptation is to hit all the issues at once. Not doing that is so hard, but think of it as training for a marathon. You put on one shoe at a time.

Don’t lose heart! Slow and steady wins the day!