Reply To: Funny Stories About ADHD Symptoms


This may not be exactly related to my ADHD as much as it is just plain clumsiness (though I guess it could be inattentive). I was probably 13-14 (undiagnosed until 19) and my grandmother had just arrived with a bunch of groceries so my aunt and I were helping her carry the bags into the kitchen. There were two entries to the kitchen, one was through the living room separated by a curtain, and the other was through the dining room. Trying to be as helpful and efficient as possible, I grabbed as many bags as physically possible and decided it would be faster to go through the living room. Since the bags were really heavy I hastily pushed through the curtain, trying to make it to the kitchen before my arms fell off. In my haste, I failed to realize there was a large bottle of wine precariously perched on a small shelf behind the curtain. With the might of 6 grocery bags, the bottle was knocked over and shattered on the hardwood floor spreading a pool of blood red wine onto the white carpet of the living room. I thought “Oh shit” and ran to throw the bags down on the kitchen table and grab paper towels. Once again in my haste I failed to notice the mug of freshly brewed coffee humbly steaming on the kitchen table. I heard the splash before I could even reach for the paper towels. From the kitchen I heard my grandmother say “What’s that smell?” (referring to the wine) as she walked through the front door. After quickly wiping up the coffee, I busted through the curtain and ferociously began dabbing at the carpet, intent on not allowing it to sink in. As I collected pieces of glass from the carpet, I heard my aunt put her bags down in the kitchen, sit down and ask “Where’s my coffee? I thought I left it right here.” This, among many other childhood incidents, earned me the title “Hurricane (insert my name here).”