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Well, Hats off to the Non ADHD partner in the relationship. It takes strength and patience. Hyperactivity and rage is lethal at all points. My fiance does suffer through the same situation. Guess what! We are the sailors of the same boat. But sure a rocky boat! I am of the fact that spouses stick together through thick and thin.

If one suffers, the other must not dwindle. It does feel like quitting the relationship but rather not to live in remorse or guilt.

Later in life, it can lead to depression and anxiety of the healthy partner deserting the one who fell in a health issue. Bingo! There are success stories along with effective treatments so must stay positive.

Being an emotionally intelligent person and dealing with someone very close to my heart, I did sift through some solutions for ADHD along with adopting healthy living habits. I tried telling my partner about some meditative ways, even working with crystals. I know new age spirituality, right. Along with that, I do have a future plan to try medical marijuana though. Anyone has tried it?

Wish me luck. Much love.