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Hello Antony, I was on concerta for years when I was a kid, about 11-17 y.o, and I remember having bad dreams. I’m not sure if it was the medication bc I had a very traumatic childhood, but it may have been. I came off of all medication for years, I’m now 30 and I’ve had to make myself get back on medication bc of my disorder, bc I realised I was out of control and knocking at deaths door. I remember I could barely remember my dreams except Every once in a blue moon. But now that I’m on medication again, I’m remembering them, both good and bad. I have more bad dreams then good, although I also take Seroquel to help me sleep and to stop the bad dreams, which isn’t really happening. I have BPD, btw. Which is borderline personality disorder. I was misdiagnosed as bipolar disorder when I was a child and ADHD, which is why I was on concerta. But due to all my conclusive behavior I was rediagnosed in an emergency ward. So definitely talk to you physician about your dreams. Maybe They can help you. Best of luck my friend.