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I also combine CBD oil with my medication (dextroamphetamine), and I like the effect of it. I started using it when I was forced to change medication (my old, perfect one, isn’t allowed to be distributed anymore due to the laws in my country). The new medication made me very anxious, paranoid and unable to relax. It is the only dextroamphetamine available in my country (covered by insurance), and my doctor has advised against methylphenidate because I have depressive moods and sleeping disorders. So anyway, stuck with this awful medication, I decided to try CBD Oil. It definitely helps with the anxiety and restlessness.
You don’t mention your reason for combining them, but if you are looking for some more peace and quiet in your mind and less anxiety, it’s definitely a good choice.
Do remember that CBD works like a supplement, it needs to “build up” in your body a bit. If you think it doesn’t work, just keep taking it and ask yourself again in a few weeks. If you aren’t sure (because it is expensive), try not taking it for a week or so as a test. We gradually get used to the effects, so it might not be a very noticeable difference, until you stop for a while, then you can really tell whether it works. Good luck!