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Its so good to hear that I’m not the only one ha!
I started meds in Feb so we are definitely at similar points in diagnosis – the annoying thing is I really want to take the therapy route as well which is impossible with the current situation!
And I am the opposite, I am terribly organised but have found getting in the habit of using the google calendar to set any appointments, remind me of meds, BAH BLAH then setting 1,342,678.5 reminders to actually do them has helped!
NASA – wow ! What did you do there? That sounds amazing – I’m so insecure I don’t even know what I’d be good at. I know I can get good grades though so I’m sure that will come with it.
But yes, my attention seldom where anyone wants it to be. My children are actually really good, they do their own thing anyway – its just the adults in my life for me !
One LAST thing before I post this.
IMHO— he should support you and your endeavors (especially furthering your education- that’s a plus for the entire family in the long run. He definitely shouldn’t complain that you’re not giving him enough time. Another stressor! If you’re like me you don’t want to disappoint anyone. For me, that would be worse than being useless around the house. That’s just my opinion. Please don’t be offended … that’s not my intention.
Thanks for being supportive. Like you say, education is an important factor and it’s really a small amount of time spent on it in the grand scheme of things. I am exactly the same, I don’t like to disappoint people. But then I can also just completely switch off once any situation overwhelms me which I imagine isn’t nice for those around me…
To be honest I think the moaning about helping out around house was more the icing on top of the non-supportive cake he’s building.
In my simple observations- and curiosity. I have found guys seem to be about the same when it comes to chores. When they do anything considered a ”woman’s” job around the house they ALL seem to point out when they do the most mundane task. A task that is just expected of us(women). Can you imagine pointing out every time you did the dishes(laundry, cooked, cleaned, etc).
^^^ I laughed at this, I’m sure it doesn’t apply to all men but this is EXACTLY what he does. I actually started doing it back to him which was amusing – you should try it!
I’d be like ‘LOOK LOOK… LOOOOK I’ve unloaded the dishwasher and loaded it back up again. LOOK… LOOK… [enter other household chore]”
Thanks for replying! You have really made me laugh.
Good luck

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