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Sometimes I think my old past self is funny. Many things changed again, both to my lifestyle and COVID

I found some balances.

  1. I opened a business and I’m the middle of an introvert and extravert
  2. I watch some movies because they help me sleep
  3. I still read books (I always read something) to acquire skills (I’m a Freelancer Web Developer and Learning Never Stops)
  4. I still don’t hangout with friends, I don’t care, we are in quarantine.
  5. I’m still racing against the clock, meeting deadlines
  6. I don’t go to the university
  7. Let them talk, people will judge everything and everyone anyways.
  8. I stopped taking Meds, The side effects of the Meds mess up my feelings and it’s kinda hard…
  9. Still no sex life, I don’t know..
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