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Trying to fit in

I think different states have different laws about regular prescriptions and class II prescriptions. I see a PA in NC. SC where I live will not allow Physician Assistant to write any prescriptions. So I can’t fill any script here. In SC they allow Nurse Practitioners to write prescriptions but not Class II. My PA also has a NP license but I still can’t fill my Dextroamphetamine. I take 4 medications and use mail order for two of them but they will not fill class II drugs. I’m stuck driving an hour and getting surly looks from the pharmacy techs because I just drove an hour with no meds taken for a day or two. I’m not pleasant looking and pretty much look like I have a drug problem because I need my medication. I’m anxious, can’t focus, spacy and have lost all my patience. They don’t know about mental health. They only know about addicts coming in like me and trying to get drugs like me. But I have ADHD and severe anxiety. I wish there were mental health awareness commercials on tv so people will understand.