Reply To: Is this what it feels like


I must admit this is me at the moment. I have ADHD but this hasnt always been a big part of it (though I was very hyperactive as a child). At the moment (& probably always) Im starting things I dont finish & seem to be going around in circles all the time. I think its like a side effect of ADHD (which is traumatising without support). But you can read any of the ADHD books to see if the things they talk about rings any bells with you – it doesnt take long to see yourself there (or not). I dont mean to sound flippant but most of the main ones describe it in sufficient detail for you to be pretty sure.

There could be sme depression there too – the two go together because to be pefectly honest it is utterly sh*t having this. A lifetime of mistakes & judgement & wasted opportunities & potential not reached. Its hard on relationships & careers & frankly if I could press a button & make it go away I would. When life is this difficult for any length of time with no real hope of it being easy its a challenge to stay positive. People who havent got it will simply never know.

Being cooped up with not much exercise doesnt help either. Get some books on kindle (free app on iphone) – Russell Barkley & Daniel Amen are two well respected authors. Although rather annoyingly most of the resources out there are aimed at children. Because (sarcasm alert) the magic pixies come & take it away in adulthood.

One last thing. Be very careful who you tell, or discuss it with. Being open & talking about these things is quite ADHD but it WILL come back to bite you. Tell no one – trust me on that. They wont get it (you will be seen as making excuses) AND they will use it against you. If you think you have it book an appointment (via skype maybe) to get a diagnosis & treatment then at least thats one thing you will feel a little more on top of.