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Couple of days passed, but here I am again. The results are mixed, while I still haven’t done my taxes (see my last post), I have done a few other things and didn’t descend back into my addiction. My cravings are still reduced, while from time to time they crawl back, but I’m in the early stages I guess. A couple of days ago I have decided that I want to make a ‘clean cut’ and to start anew in a few areas. I can’t and won’t clean up everything in my past, but at least I don’t want to create more mess and let things slide.

Yesterday I tried 2x 25mg Naltrexone for the first time (morning and afternoon) and I got a terrible headache. Usually I’m not not susceptible to headaches, but this one was really bad.

Today I’m back at 25mg in the morning and doing well so far. I have also started to microdose psilocybin (magic mushrooms) to improve mood and counter a sometimes dysphoric feeling, and they are doing their job. I’m not taking them together, as I don’t know if they could affect each other. Btw, don’t do what I do, I’m just chronicling my story. Really just take them if they are legal in your area, and if your doctor agrees. For anyone interested, some treatment centers offer them in a few places.

Take care