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Yarlan Zey

Thanks, I’ve heard that EMDR therapy can be good all right.

Recently if I get a traumatic memory (often a micro-trauma), I try and see the memory from a bystander’s point of view, instead of re-living the memory in a first-person perspective. I imagine a friendly person beside me as we watch and comment on the memory. That might sound mad, but whatever.

Some say people with ADHD are interest-based, rather than importance-based. This means that you should focus on how to make things more interesting for you, rather than focusing on how important those things are.

I’ve learned a lot of things in the following way. First perhaps I’ll get hold of a book about a subject. I’ll start reading it. Soon enough I’ll probably get bored. Then maybe I’ll download a few podcasts of people talking about the subject. Then that gets boring. Perhaps I’ll find another book. Then that gets boring, or even annoying lol. Maybe I can find a documentary about the subject. After that, the first book I got hold of has become interesting to me again, and so on.