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Hi all,

I was first formally diagnosed in September 19 aged 36. At the time I couldn’t get medication as the assessor was not qualified to dispense, only assess.

Anyway, with lots of effort from both myself and my GP, my NHS approved to fund a new assessment and treatment privately. So I had an assessment with a psychiatrist which confirmed diagnosis of Combined type (severe) and I started yesterday on 18mg of methylphenidate. I’ll do this for one week before increasing dose to 36mg for the second week. In the third week I’ll increase to 54mg.

At the moment, I don’t feel any different which of course may well be too early to say. But I just wondered what other people take, what works for them and if they’ve found any side effects. How long did it take people to find the medication to “fit”.

Have you found improvement? I don’t want to take something long term without getting any benefit from it so want to make sure what I’m taking will be right for me…