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I completely agree with all of you guys. I find that some pharmacists and especially insurance companies treat our disability as if its a joke. Its a catch 22. They dont want to fill your meds until your out. But once your out of meds you can’t think clearly enough to navigate the refill process to get your meds!

Here is some useful info that might help.

1. If, with your doctors permission, you try to fill your meds a couple of days early and are denied, ask the pharmacist if it is because your insurance says it’s too early and won’t pay for it, or is just because they looked at the date and assumed it’s too early? If it’s because of the insurance there is nothing you can do about that. If it’s because they looked at the date and it hasn’t been 30 days, have them verify with your doctor that it is legit. There IS NO LAW prohibiting the pharmacist from filling more than one prescription in a 30 day period. Example, (under my doctors supervision) when I have had reactions to certain generic brands, I filled have multiple prescriptions in the same month before trying to find a safe generic.

2. If your doctor deems it necessay to fill your meds early, and the pharmacist or/or insurance is giving you trouble about filling your meds a couple of days early, your doctor can bypass that by changing your dosage. For example if you take 1 20mg a day, your doctor can write your new prescription as 2 10mg per day and insurance will cover it.

3. In the case of having to travel to fill your meds, you could try talking to your doctor about using a mail order pharmacy. Ask your doctor if they can send the prescription to the mail order pharmacy like a week ahead of your refill date to account for shipping time.

4. Try not to wait until your out to start taking steps to make sure your setup for next months meds. As you know, trying to handle all of this when your off your meds makes it 100 times harder on you. I got in the habit of calling the pharmacy 14 days, 10 days, and 7 days ahead of time every month to make sure they placed the order for my meds.

5. Educate yourself about your meds and talk to the pharmisist honesty and directly. I know sometimes they make you feel like a criminal, but I find thier tone changes when you talk to them directly and factually and don’t mix words. Trust me, I have gotten some strange looks going fill a prescription for 180 Dexedrine a month and then on top of that start asking questions about which manufacturer they use, etc… But, when I explain that I am prescribed Zenzedi 20mg 3 times a day, but my insurance will not cover the 20mg tablets, so I have to take 2 generic 10mg pills 3 times a day and that I have had reactions to some inactive ingredients so I need to know what manufacturer they use… They tend to switch from being an a$$ to being helpful in finding the meds I need. If they ask what reactions I have had, I simply tell them.

Hope this helps. I know how hard it can be dealing with this disability, and sometimes the stigma sometimes associated with it. I wish and hope that one day we will have the same rights and are treated with same respect and compassion as those with other disabilities.