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Believe it or not, what you are presenting is not at all unusual for our “tribe” of ADHD adults in the workforce. In your case, you are a semi-entrepreneur with a backer who believes in you and is now your boss. That likely puts a great deal of pressure on you to ensure he/she made a sound investment. Trust me, your benefactor made a great choice in you, and now it is important to answer a few questions:

1. Do you actually enjoy the work you are doing?
2. Have you identified the specific aspects of your work that you either don’t enjoy or struggle to keep up with (i.e. you enjoy it but there is just too much of it). You mentioned the paperwork. Paperwork can be the downfall of adults with ADHD. Can you hire someone part-time to help you with this so you can focus on what you enjoy?

The key is to really identify those tasks that create overwhelm, frustration, missed deadlines, etc. and hire someone to manage those (I am sure your benefactor would agree that your brilliance is in doing the work you love and would support you on this – to protect the investment!

Our brains are interest-based. We can manage doing a few things we don’t enjoy for a short period of time. However, if we are not doing what we enjoy most of the time, you end up in your current situation. Take a good look at this and “own” what you are not happy doing and have that conversation.

Or, look inward and ask yourself if this is something you really want to be doing over the long haul. Take a breath, take some time to jot things down. Feel free to reach out.