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Hello everyone,
giving you a quick update. First of all, some of you may notice I use a different account. I had to create a new one, as I lost my login password. Not that it’s important, just giving you an explanation.

As planned I took two times 25mg Naltrexone, together with my usual amphetamines. Like yesterday I felt somewhat exhausted in the afternoon, and wasn’t really productive, even though I took the extra Naltrexone. My mood fluctuated between dysphoria and actually feeling calm and somewhat relaxed, which I do now (evening). What I forgot to mention yesterday is that the side effects also include that Naltrexone makes me tired. The appetite is also negatively affected for the first few hours after it’s taken.

Generally speaking today went well, even though I’m not entirely convinced (still) that this is what I need. What I would really need is something that gives me the power to just take things head on, as I’m still hesitant to do the things I have pushed down the road. Tomorrow will reveal if it makes me ‘strong enough’, as I have planned to focus on my taxes, which I haven’t done for a while and which give me anxiety when I think about. Let’s see how it goes. I have planned to keep today’s dosis, twice 25mg Naltrexone.