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The Cat Lady


Looks like she finally got me. I’m so grateful. I started taking Dexedrine today, the Adderall IR I’ve been taking makes me feel like I have the body of a 80 year old. Very weak, fatigued, super achy, debilitating headaches and muscle spasms. So far so good, mentally – it’s astonishing that I don’t “feel” it, it’s like I’m not taking anything at all. I still feel like my body is sore and beat up, but hopefully I can yoga that shit away and be feeling better in a few days. Thank you *so much* everyone, for taking the time to provide feedback. Could anyone be able to tell me how much Adderall you were taking prior to switching, and how much Dexedrine you have found yourself comfortable taking? I don’t have the slightest idea what to expect in terms of dosage. Many thanks 🙂 it’s such an overwhelming relief knowing that I can count on having support here, and that there really are people just like me.