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Hi Penny,

Well, just came back from Europe about 5 weeks ago, just in time. I had a feeling that I had to get out of there.
I did not have a chance to proceed any further about medication but I’m doing alright without. (As long as my partner isn’t annoying me… lol.)
I realised I need to exercise more, so I started today. Hope to keep it up. Walking at home, Leslie Sansone.

We live on 1 acre and I am so glad we do. Makes things a lot easier. I could not imagine living in the City right now (well, I can’t imagine that ever!). I just prepared a small garden bed, it’s tiny to be honest, but one has to start somehow…was weeding in the morning around the HSTP. There was a ton of gras growing.

Since I don’t go out very often, it’s not much different for me. Although right now I would love to go to Ikea or the shopping centre with no people around. Must be amazing.

I have only seen my d-i-l once since I came back, so we didn’t talk about that subject. I don’t think the doctor she went to was the right person anyway. We’ll see…

Stay healthy.