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Hello again Tikay 🌸.

It’s nice to see you here again, good idea to make a new account and start over. Glitches like that cause so much frustration.

How are you faring with life in general? Did you end up finding a practitioner to ask about med’s?

I’m doing well on the ADHD front, needed medication increase a couple of months ago and that’s gone smoothly. I’m also weaning myself off my 225gm Effexor, currently down to 75mg with no noticeable effects.

How’s your daughter-in-law getting on ? lol would you believe that my d-i-l has also just been diagnosed? No med’s yet until she’s finished taking Duromine.

All’s well so far in lockdown. We’re usually quite isolated anyway so it’s not a big ask for me.

All the best. Stay safe.