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With ADHD we tend to have many great ideas and possibilities we might want to consider. It often makes it confusing and challenging to “pick one” path. However, the road to career happiness and success is not a linear one for our tribe.

Our brains are interested-based. We need to truly enjoy what we do on a very deep level to have any hope of navigating a career that will be sustainable, much less profitable. It requires a “deep dive” into our true values and preferences on every level that is important in making a career choice. In other words, what elements of career specifically energize us. The most basic of these values are the skills we love to use. Next are the fields or career categories that we are drawn to. There is so much more to this, and unlike what many think, strengths are important, but not if they lead to doing something you don’t enjoy just because you happen to be good at them. On the other hand, the skills you love to use and the potential fields you are excited about using them in will lead you much closer to a positive career path.

I do not use the term “career path” lightly. By this I mean that the best path for us to pursue is virtually NEVER linear. There are many nuances that we need to consider with ADHD. For example, your working conditions are critical to identifying a potential career path and should never ever be overlooked. By conditions I mean, the physical elements of where you work and your ability to use tools that help you thrive.